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“the Rules” Book, Revisited 25 Years Later

Also, sometimes it helps to bring new female friends into our lives. I always say that if you go to a singles event and there aren’t many men, and a whole roomful of women, then make sure you meet all the women. Because women have brothers, women have co-workers, women can introduce you to other men who you might not otherwise have met. So bringing fresh, new female friends into your life can be very beneficial, too. Over time, you may discover that Mr. Wonderful is not so very wonderful.

Wait 24 to 48 hours to confirm a friend request from him and NEVER write on his wall or ‘like’ his status updates. That basically broadcasts the fact that you’re into him to everyone. In fact, share as little online as possible.

But we also like women who meet us halfway while dating. We like knowing that the woman wants to be on a date with us, and so takes some RESPONSIBILITY for the dating process to continue. We’ve almost all heard of the Rules dating book. Will it help you find the love of your life? Not if you don’t understand this first.

Marriage-minded men are looking for a woman who is naturally poised and relaxed. You will instantly signal quality if you practice an open and quiet confidence when you are in social settings. Always listen more than you speak, and you will not seem nervous — even if you have first-date jitters. Fully accepting and being at peace with who you are is an essential part of your beauty.

(Right?) So how do you pretend you don’t want something you do want? Had I not met my husband, I would’ve spent a lifetime single over following this advice. This book and honestly, so many older people I know that are still married, always remind me, we have it SO good as women today! I know it isn’t perfect, but the reality is they didn’t have financial freedom. It gives us choices, allows us to be independent. I think the wisdom of the book is not only about economic security but about Lonliness.

To achieve anything in life requires willpower and self restraint which is what this book promotes. Having your cake and eating it is a great thought , but unfortunately we would become fat ! Just like the book advises short term gratification is never the answer, as is true and applys to ‘The Rules’.

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